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Re: When will the NSA do their damn jobs?

They're too busy re-watching those cat videos you watched on YouTube 8 years ago and reading all your spam from 2012 in case it mentions tourism to focus on anything else. Then they have to do a load of paperwork so it looks like they had genuine cause to suspect you of tourism.

So obsessed are they by tourism that I even saw a "honeypot" advert on tv here in the UK the other day. You guys are so desperate to catch tourists you've started advertising California as a tourism hotspot. They even dragged Conan the barbarian out of retirement to do a cheesy grin and recommend travelling by "choppa".

So, arguably, by targeting tourists the NSA are protecting your economy from foreigners spending all their money holidaying in Europe, but if all your resorts are like "Gitmo" then I don't think you'll get many repeat visitors...

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