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Mission Blindness Extraordinarily Renders the Enemy Without

The NSA was set up to protect the United State's infrastructure from foreigners, so why do we still see millions of infected systems reporting to foreign countries? They have the funding and skillset to stop such things, which are a far bigger threat to our economy and safety than terrorists ever were... SO why aren't they even lifting a finger to stop it .... Crazy Operations Guy

If one considers the Davos Crowd Cloud to be a big global networking malware infected bot lot, and some who are more than just a few chosen can and do and proact accordingly, COG, then can it explain the NSA and Director of National Intelligence and USCYBERCOM serial failings in the Great Game with ITs Bigger Beta Pictures and Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays with Private Sector Renegade and Pirate Vector Rogue Non-State Actors in Practically Remote Anonymous Active Autonomous Virtual Command and Control.

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