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You try it.

The PATRIOT Act empowers the security services to force Amazon* to provide the information they request (secretly - you'd never know about it). Wherever that information is held, and irrespective of any contract Amazon agreed to.

If Amazon don't comply - irrespective of why - it's serious jail time for the execs.

Hence no corporate lawyer would allow Amazon to operate such a setup.

That's the long and short of it (Microsoft admitted this ) is that EU/Safe harbour is meaningless if Uncle Sam comes bounding over the horizon with a PATRIOT Act notice. Nothing has changed since then, so any EU firm trusting in safe harbour is playing with fire.

Incidentally, I was at an IBM get together before Xmas (they are a big supplier to us) and when our Information Security Officer explained that we wouldn't be interested in their *hosted* cloud offerings (no problem if we can host). From the response, this is a frequent occurrence, and over biscuits, we learned there was very high-level pressure going back to the US about it, since it was - demonstrably - costing dollars.

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