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'You don't get it. The can be no "air-gap" with the PATRIOT Act. It applies to any US owned company - and any companies they own - US or not.'

I think it's you who didn't get it.

Contract with a friendly non-US owned company to provide the service in a non-US country on that company's non-US-owned servers as a franchise with carefully chosen T&Cs under that non-US country's law. Note that: a company not owned by a US company; such things actually exist.

Any court in the US can bleat as much as it wants but the US-owned company has no access to the service provider's servers and can't have any court-mandated request fulfilled as the T&Cs prevent the service provider from doing so and the US court's jurisdiction doesn't cover those.

For Amazon, who presumably would be thinking in terms of running it on their own cloud, it might be a bitter pill to swallow, and it would mean sharing the profits with a franchise partner. But it would be doable.

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