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Charles Townes, inventor of the laser and friend to both science and religion, dies

Solmyr ibn Wali Barad

""My own view is that, while science and religion may seem different, they have many similarities, and should interact and enlighten each other," Townes said in his acceptance speech."

Amen to that. More often than not, great discoveries are made outside the established domains of knowledge, in the shady areas between them. But only a special kind of person would dare to wander there. Especially when we're talking about conflict zones between science and religion. Very few are willing to explore those with an open mind and a good-natured curiosity. They're exposing themselves to a whole lot of trouble without having any guaranteed rewards in sight. There's only a hope, a naivish kind of hope, for something good to emerge from this. And sometimes it truly happens - a fool's errand turns out to be an act of wisdom.

Rest in peace, great explorer.

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