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ICANN CEO criticizes domain 'hoggers'

Eddy Ito

Re: So it boils down to money and who (in the C-suite) gets it?

It's just the digital equivalent of real estate investors only with less work. Gobble up as much choice property as fast as you can and wait. I'd guess part of this is that they aren't terribly happy at how easy it is to create more choice property. Of course they could try to limit hogging would be to disincentivize domain parking but I don't know how one would actually go about doing that.

As far as it being capitalism, it really isn't since there isn't really any ability of anyone else to set up competition to ICANN regardless of how much capital they have. That's because ICANN isn't a natural monopoly nor did it become one in the more traditional means but it is a de jure monopoly. If you want to compete with ICANN, your options are few and may be limited to exactly the same as what North Korea does.

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