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"The Lawnmower Man... enough said"

Lawnmower Man (theatrical release) wasn't bad for the era and I enjoyed it, although I was quite into cyberpunk at the time and hence biased. I even liked little touches like having Lawnmower man's wife walk out on him, never to return. Movies just don't leave loose ends like that. I thought it was bold for a mainstream movie.

Then I got a chance to watch the director's cut and found that that the pieces cut out of the theatrical release really helped the movie. In the director's cut, the wife returned to be mind-controlled into a mindless, cornball zombie that hurt the movie. A lot of the extra bits did not help at all. If you saw the unabridged director's cut, I'm sorry, you're seeing the worse movie.

I walked out Lawnmower Man II. It's one of two movies I've walked out of. Battlefield Earth would've been a third, but I was paralyzed like a deer in headlights by its horribleness. The only other movie that's been so painful to watch (for me) was Dragon Wars.

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