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Lucky you. They automatically renewed my PS Plus even though I told them not to and billed my card for £39.99 without authorisation. They repeatedly told me it is not their policy to give refunds, they don't accept that I cancelled it even though I had confirmation from them at the time. They have told me that I must be lieing because their system doesn't go wrong and to top it off threatened that if I have the bank reverse the charge then they will ban my account and block access to all previously purchased content.

There is no excuse not to refund an item that a user claims they didn't order which has not be used and incurred no costs. Trying to lock customers into buying something they dont want through small print is a bit of a scummy move, but to still refuse when they have proof that it was incorrect, gambling on the fact that I won't go through the effort of taking it to court is outrageous.

This is not the way an established company should behave and it is certainly not good business sense to take a regular customer and completely destroy all brand loyalty whatsoever.

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