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It's not a moive (a movie refernce though), as i think the following comments will probably see me stoned to death (figuratively)

Bad Movies: (my list)

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - what the hell did they do to the plot? disgusted

Stargate & Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(Not really the movies fault, but they are so sub-par compared to their respective derivative TV series, that once you've seen the tv series, the movies are unwatchable imo) In Highlanders case even the TV series was bad.

other movies I think are bad...

(1) Most movies that are not sci-fi or fantasy.

(2) Almost all movies that are popular or set/made in america that also match (1)

(3) ALL moives that are whimsical comedies featuring self-effacing 'british men' faling in love with american ladies.

(4) ALL movies with Tom Cruise or George Clooney in them.

(5) Most movies with Ben Affleck (there was one i liked, can't recall it's name)

(6) 'Almost' all movies with Bruce Willis. ('cause I quite liked Fifth Element)

Fussy, aren't I?

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