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Can you back that up?

Cost per GBit forwarded is in line with it. Have a look at the 1G and 10G port cost curves for example. When 1GBit came out 15 years ago it was in the range of several k per router card (the original GSR trident and its Juniper equivalent) and ~ 2K per NIC. It is now 10£ with the curve complying with Moore's law all along. The same goes for mid-range routing/switching processor costs normalized by PPS or GBit. 10GB ports and NICs are also going down the same way.

The problem is that the requirement for Gbit forwarded has grown more or less with the same curve (or faster) resulting in the end-cost of networking equipment required per rack, per datacenter and per company being constant or growing. That is expected - it "serves" a Moore's law governed population of compute.

Asking for networking kit cost in a datacenter to drop in absolute numbers is a bit disingenious as this in fact implies a faster than Moore's law drop.

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