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Microsoft is still not listening

I put in a request for Aero to return several times. Many other people did too. Is Aero back? There are two reasons why I'm sticking with Windows 7 until the bitter end, and maybe beyond. First, Aero, because that flat square look is hard on my eyes and I have a hard time finding anything on the screen. Second, Windows 10 still has that "cloud first, mobile first" strategy. Doesn't Microsoft get it? A tablet is a different tool than a laptop. You don't put a screw in with a hammer, you use a screwdriver. This touch UI design needs to confined to tablets and phones only. Windows 7 focuses on the laptop and desktop, and it also doesn't have built-in cloud/Bing/advertisement integration like Windows 8/8.1/10. Just because you put a start button back doesn't mean you fixed the problem. Listen! Stop trying to make a desktop a tablet!

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