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>>"Android is also opensource, Google are the maintainers, but anyone can (and does) contribute."

Google have been turning more and more of the Android ecosystem closed source over time. It is harder and harder to contribute to Android without Google's approval every year. Have a read..

Google are the Microsoft of today. Remember when MS came up with that crappy .dat attachment for emails so that rival email clients would appear broken and when challenged always provided the excuse that they were simply providing a better and more secure system that others should comply with? Oh, and that it wasn't a problem because you could always turn it off (despite the fact that the point was that it caused problems for their competitors, not you). What does that remind you of? Oh yes, Google blocking Outlook (as per this article) because their system is "more secure", but you can always turn it off (as with .dat attachments) so it's fine. Oh, and it breaks Thunderbird, too.

Your naivety and trust in giant corporations is terrible.

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