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"good on you for contributing anyway."

Same from me too.

"I do use Linux, I don't contribute to it, "

Again, same from me (mostly).

"I don't code."

Irrelevant. If people genuinely want to help, there are plenty of other ways they can contribute. E.g. Take a beta test and feed back. Help reproduce (or otherwise) hardware-specific problems if you have the relevant hardware. Help translate stuff if you speak the relevant languages. Moderate a user forum. And so on.

If you have time and inclination, have a read of and see if anything appeals. I presume there are similar opportunities with some of the other flavours (there used to be, back in the days when the best way of getting a Linux was on a cover CD).

I haven't been able to contribute much so far, but for reasons of time rather than inclination. That may change later this year when my current job comes to an end, And then I may have a little more free time, till the green shoots of recovery appear again.

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