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Bad News

This kind of share value promotion generally means very bad news. Facebook has reached it peak and is now losing the younger generation faster than it is gaining the older generation. Invasion of privacy, having to laboriously maintain a false impression of yourself, huge employment risks with the wrong content getting out, exposing yourself to undesirables and risk to younger family members.

All those things are coming home to roost and well, seriously think about, who would put a massive billboard in their front yard advertising all the information about themselves and their families, who would be egotistical enough and stupid enough to do so and that is exactly what facebook is.

How many criminal are using facebook to hunt for victims? How many employers are using facebook to filter out undesirable candidates and to monitor employees? How much is government monitoring the whole thing and prying into peoples lives.

Facebook, it has become nothing more than a digital anal probe, with Zuckeberg as the planet's proctologist, eww. With this stock value pumping excercise being proof they know it and are worried about the future.

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