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Want a cheap Office-er-riffic tablet? Microsoft Windows takes on Android

Stuart 22

It's good to have choice

The lack of apps implies it of no use to me as a replacement tablet. YMMV.

The one reason I might buy this (as a Linux house) is to be able to access desktop Windows applications that will not run well under Wine. And at a bargain price. In other words lashed up warrior style with keyboard and screen and hopefully sitting on the LAN. Oh and to find out why Win7 clients are so grumpy about 8.1 ;-)

Maybe, just maybe, if over time it gets more apps and Microsoft become nicer and Google become badder I may swop my mobile OS of choice. Its nice to have a choice. Google and Microsoft can sharpen each other up. Competition is good, avoiding an Android monopoly is good however good the actual product is.

Microsoft taught us that lesson long ago. Irony unleashed.

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