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"Have a law against wearing socks in public, everyone ignores it - until you want to arrest somebody."

Thus ended the Republic of Rome. Too many conflicting laws. Some of them outright silly. People were not bothering to follow the law, as it had become pretty much impossible to follow them all. And political elite did not bother to clean them up. Murky situation was quite beneficial - whenever there was a need to get rid of the troublesome opponent, it was easy to find a law or two that he had heinously violated at some point. Ate chicken on Thursday, wore sandals with or without socks, anything'll do.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it. It bloody well should.

There's a lot of gnailing and washing of teeth, a lot of yearning for somebody to come, somebody who could put an end to this horrible mess. O Caesar, where art thou?

/edit: I have seen way too many caesars in my time, so I definitely would want any future ones to stay under their rocks for the eternity, thankyouverymuch/

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