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I, for one, welcome our new <noun> <adverb> overlords.

<adverb> is wrong; there's no verb or adjective in that phrase for it to modify. In the most plausible1 construction you'd have a gerund in that place, forming with the preceding noun an adjectival noun phrase modifying "overlords".

(To the casual observer, it might appear that the second word is a present participle and not a gerund, because gerunds act as nouns while participles can act as adjectives. But no! The adjectival role is fulfilled by the two-word noun phrase in toto, and its individual components are simply nouns. Contrast "running-dog lackeys", where "running" is a participle, indicating that the lackeys are dogs that run, versus "dog-running lackeys", where "running" is a gerund and the lackeys either exercise or smuggle dogs - it is not clear from context.)


1But not in the original, which was simply "welcome our new insect overlords", where "insect" is simply the noun form being used as an adjective.

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