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The party I vote for is Plaid Cymru as if we ignore all the fables that seem to surround Plaid (cue the downvoters...) they actually stand for a lot of what people here are asking about.

If one watches Question Time and sees that rare occurance of a politician talking sense then, evens offered, it will be Elfyn Llwyd.

There's two problems with Plaid, unfortunately. First is that they have no influence or interests outside of the principality and, secondly, outside of the Welsh heartlands (I am looking at you South Wales) they're wiped off the map by Labour voters who have voted Labour because they've always voted Labour and shall ever more do so even when Labour were in their lot didn't improve.

Out of all the parties from all over the UK this lot are by far the least worst but, alas, they will never have any say in things unless South Wales gives them a few seats and there's another hung parliament.

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