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What are these half-problems being fixed? If, indeed, any problems are being half-fixed by a law, you can be sure it will create a much bigger or more pernicious problem in the process.

The only problem our politicians are ever trying to fix is the one the one where their image is utter mud and the government chosen is whichever of the two major parties is the less unelectable.

All they want is to be seen as less incompetent than their opposition. Abbott did this very well last time around. Where he had failed before was in actually talking up the Coalition policies and points of view, which the electorate rejected. This time, with Labor imploding, he simply needed to more-or-less keep quiet and maintain some measure of solidarity in the party. This is why there were no tilts for leadership despite the many rumbles - they realised that all they needed was to be more-or-less not seen to be tearing themselves apart with petty bickering and backstabbing.

That's not against the Coalition or for Labor - it's just a great example of how the aim is simply to be the slightly lesser of two evils. (And this was Labor's work.)

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