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"It worries me that we need protecting from our own governments ..."

Why? Nothing has changed in hundreds of years, in that government is by the few, for the few. Laws are enacted to increase the power of the state to do the bidding of the state, and we now have some token pretence of choice every few years, between parties with the same policies, run by a like-minded parliamentary elite most of whom have never done a proper job for any length of time. The Labour front bench is studded with millionaires pretending to be men & women of the people, and is a mirror image of the Conservative front bench.

In centuries gone by the threat that government "protected" you from was famine, or Napoleon. Early last century it was Bolsheviks. Then it was the great depression. Then back to the red peril. Since then we've had various other things that government needs to act to protect us from, including terrorists and climate change. I wonder what government will be busy protecting me from in fifteen years time? Aliens or comets seem the most probable.

decades gone by

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