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Suits vs ponytailed hipsters: What's next for enterprise IT

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Indeed, I was told to cut my hair (which i tie back when in suit, kept neat and have had long since 12) to better progress. This was not in some small shop either, think a major networking vendor.

After taking a quick look through the conference room glass walls at the brigades of pink shirts, faux 5 o'clock shadows and pointy shoes that even sideshow bob would find overkill I politely informed them to sod off.

That still was not enough and pushing was continued until i again had to point out in that case that the short haired women making the suggestion should have to grow her's long then and then pondered what the rank and file at the company's largest office would think about it given most of them turn up looking like they have just come from the beach when not in front of customers.

Surprisingly after backing down i have since had two promotions because you know its the work that counts not the brand of your lavender shirt. AC because although it may not sound like it i like my job and company.

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