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I recall meeting him at least once or twice, at trade shows while working for Modem House based in Exeter back in the 80's. I think he wrote the software (tape loaded) to allow the Prism 1000\2000\VTX5000 to access text based services rather than the originally supplied Viewdata package.

I'd completely forgotten about the Hackers Handbook David, though I still recall how you thought that someone made a member of his staff sleep with him until a wedding ring was pointed out & walking through Soho with you

Fun times going up to London about once a month (once hanging out of a taxi chatting up four oriental ladies in a open topped "Merc" around Hyde Park Corner at late night until the vehicles went different ways).

A great couple of years doing those events, until 1989 when the world changed for those of us that had worked there.

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