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It is not so much a lack of balls on the part of politicians that worries me, it's complicity...

You only have to look at what is going on back in the 'mother country' to see how the ability to track, trace, profile and categorise people is very much in the self-interest of the political classes. David Cameron's latest little brain fart about banning messaging apps that enact strong encryption without backdoors for him and his cronies tells you all you need to know about where things are heading in that arena.

That sort of intrusion into people's privacy is not about countering external threats - it's all about being able to micro-manage your internal population and to punish those who commit 'thought crime' against the State. Add in the ability for politicians to tap into the vast pool of biometric data that wearables are going to provide and you have a scenario that the Stasi could only dream about.

Once you know not only what someone thinks in the privacy of their own home, but also where they go when they leave home; who they talk to and how much they have to pay to insure their unfit, unhealthy lifestyle - how hard might it be to 'persuade' them and their friends that they might be better off just doing as they are told in return for a bit of a discount on the power bill for their home use defibrillator?

How long before Tony Abbot catches on to that game?

Politicians are not sitting on their hands because they don't understand the tech - they are doing so because they very much DO understand the tech and see that it is absolutely in their personal best interests to let things develop just they way they are...


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