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'80s hacker turned journo, IT crime ace Steve Gold logs off

Peter Sommer

Much missed

Pretty devastating news. I met Steve when he was still wondering if the House of Lords were going to find him guilty of forgery and counterfeiting for his Prestel hack. For various reasons I needed some-one to edit a 4th edition of my Hacker's Handbook - and I reckon I chose well. That would be back in 1987. Since then we probably spoke 2-3 times a week, exchanging gossip, helping out on techie problems and (in my case) giving quotes for Steve's stories.

These days there are rather too many people calling themselves tech journalists when their main activity seems to be cutting and pasting from press releases (the staff of the Register a significant exception of course) but Steve, like the much-missed Guy Kewney, knew how to research, explain, write up,and where appropriate enthuse his readers.

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