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It's not so bad from an operating system point of view. These sorts of instructions are of little use to the OS. All it needs to do really is to include whatever extra registers there are in the context switching.

Applications aren't too bad either; AVX is best used with something like Intel's IPP/MKL libraries; the right sort of auto update will install the relevant dlls, etc. Intel write those libraries specifically so that app developers don't have to think too hard about the problem. Ok, so the libraries aren't free, but using them in one's app allows you to get the maximum performance with the minimum fuss; a good way of standing out from the crowd. And if one is dead set on writing ones own routines from scratch, using Intel's compilers is a good way of getting compiler support as soon as the silicon goes on sale.

Chip manufacturers generally are well aware that if they don't provide good software support for their new silicon they'd lose out in the market place. It's up to software devs to make early use of that support to maximise the value of their own products.

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