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I have to say, I think it depends on your local infrastructure - I moved to TalkTalk as they are one of the few companies (the only one?) who don't charge huge amounts extra because I'm not on an LLU exchange. I got ~11Mb down and ~1Mb up reliably, week in, week out, for 12 months. I think we had a line fault once, but I was able to get it sorted via the mobile app fairly quickly, considering all the horror stories I'd heard about them.

I then got a cracking deal with plusnet,which is basically £75 for a year's phone and broadband, and my speeds have dropped down to ~7Mb/.5Mb, the connection is flaky, unstable and drops about 5% of all packets.

Amazon Prime and Netflix streamed beautifully over TT, but with PN and the packet loss, we're really struggling...

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