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Tesco tosses loss-making Blinkbox into TalkTalk's basket

Stuart 22

Hello, I'm on the train - and very, very worried

I hate Tesco. I never go in their shops. Well I do very occasionally - to collect what I clicked on Tesco Direct which has a great reputation for Moto G discounts. I also have the tenner 1000min/1Gb SIM only deal - 'cos its about the best in the market and with the cap the only safe SIM to take abroad.

So this anti-Tesco person loves 'em a bit. And, while I completely understand why Tesco is divesting Blinkbox, broadband and landline. I just pray Tesco Mobile doesn't get into the hands of another miserable MVNO. Without TM the rest will become even worse rip-offs. With TM the new management can rebuild from a part of the outfit that does offer value, excellent customer service and a clear billing system. Oh and some clubpoints for more from Tesco Direct.

My one gripe with TM is the O2 network, but what the hell, sometimes you need a rest from people trying to call you ;-)

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