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> Apparently you didn't even understand the pilot's post,


> you just took offense to his characterization of you as a dangerous driver

Well, I didn't explicitly call him a dangerous driver. I did say that someone showing that attitude is dangerous, the reason being that we humans are very fallible, unreliable machines.

Driving (or flying) are not the sort of activities we are good at, since at a basic level they require a level of concentration that cannot be maintained for very long, causing our attention to fluctuate between the pure mechanics of driving (or flying) and the tactical picture. Sooner or latter our attention is going to be directed at the wrong subject and we are going to scare (or worse) ourselves and/or our passengers.

It is for this reason that anything that reduces our workload and allows us to take a higher level view of the situation (the sort of things humans are good at) is a welcome advance (of course, this should not be taken to exonerate the driver of any amount of responsibility--you are still at the wheel).

Your point about defensive driving is spot on, btw. I believe that defensive driving should be taught as part of the driving school curriculum, and regularly tested.

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