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> Unfortunately, it relied upon the driver actually using their indicators...

I have a Dodge that uses radar to check blind-spots, and I think its means of signaling are an improvement over what you described. It always gives a visual indicator on the wing mirrors, and will sometimes give an audible alarm (if you use the turn indicators, or if you're in reverse). However, that arrangement means a distracted or slack driver can still miss all the helpful warnings. For examples...

> I've been witness to a collision (thankfully nobody physically hurt)

> caused by a car driver moving into the faster lane of a motorway

> without looking over his shoulder

...My brother had a driver try to move into the lane behind his large diesel pick-up truck without looking over her shoulder. She apparently only kept an eye on the truck beside and in front of her and thus changed lanes once she past his rear fender. This was unfortunate because he was towing a 9-meter boat on a sizable trailer, which is about as hard to overlook as an articulated lorry. (Thankfully the boat was unharmed, though the trailer lost a tire and the woman's car gain a soiled driver's seat.)

It's exactly the sort of situation that would've rendered current blind spot warnings moot: she didn't look at her mirrors and didn't signal her lane change. You can make warnings more intrusive to reach less attentive drivers, but the false positives or positives the driver expects are annoying - like Vista's overly-sensitive user account control.

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