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Apparently you didn't even understand the pilot's post, you just took offense to his characterization of you as a dangerous driver since you, like about 95% of the population, believe yourself to be a good driver.

When you talk about "things an attentive driver should notice" it sounds very much like you are assuming that others see what you believe you would see in their situation. You don't practice defensive driving, but instead get upset when you sit in someone's blind spot for a bit and they attempt to change lanes directly into your car and you have to take evasive action. Since you were watching that guy and successfully took evasive action you think that makes you a "good driver".

A good driver avoids (to the extent possible) putting himself in situations where the actions of bad drivers will affect him or cause him to take evasive action in the first place. It seems some people like to put themselves into a position where they need to take evasive action, or get cut off, etc. due to the actions of poor drivers so they can honk or flip off other drivers and feel superior about themselves and their driving abilities. Sort of a passive aggressive version of road rage, I suppose.

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