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Self Aware Cars: A breakthrough for Very Important People

Many a time on the motorway have I faced shame and embarassment on finding myself holding up a Very Important Person by using the outside lane to briefly overtake another minion like myself.

I shudder to think of the chunks of time I've taken out of a Very Important Person's hectic schedule by simply being in their way. Time they can never get back.

The cumulative effect of Very Important People not being able to get to their important meetings a few seconds earlier because of idiots like me must be utterly profound... probably a bit like the World Hunger problem.

And now... the future offers me the possibility of a self-driving car which will automatically get out of the ****ing way when I next find myself inadvertently in danger of being a hindrance to Very Important People coming up behind me in their powerful, aspirational and muscular vehicles.

The future really is brilliant!

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