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Nvidia flops out teraflop X1 for self-aware cars

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Great , even more technology for its own sake

For starters I don't want or need an autonomous car and I suspect I'm not alone in that.

Secondly while I'm driving I don't need ANY visuals other than the dashboard and what I can see out of the windscreen. I don't need a 4K display refreshing at 60Hz for starters not do I need any other bells and whistles that car makers are shoving into cars in the mistaken assumption that most new cars are bought by 15 year old boys.

Manufacturers - how about you just provide us with cheap vehicles that are reliable with good fuel economy, reasonable performance, have a 10 year warranty and don't cost a fortune to fix due to your artificially inflated parts prices which can only get ever higher the more tech that goes into a vehicle?

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