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Aren't we forgetting someone…? As much as I loathe Bono, I don't believe he's ever declared that "People who eat meat are worse than those who rape children" or "if Jamie Oliver loves meat so much, why doesn't he roast his kids…?!"

I don't think I need name names for the reason that even typing his initials makes me want to commit acts of extreme violence against inanimate objects. As far as I'm concerned, he's been an irrelevance since at least 1984 (if not earlier).

He's threatening another album this year - he needs to be stopped! Beginning to think the cancer was just a rouse to get the world to feel sorry for him (though he's Veganist. Jobs was Veganist. I believe that disease only occurs when you fuck around with your genetic dietary blueprint (the fact the UK is world's second fattest nation should be testament to that). Jobs had pancreatic cancer, the spread of which was likely aided and abetted by his 100% carb diet. Vegans have lowered immunity, and a compromised immune system, due to the lack of distinct lack of nutrition ins vegan diet (humans can survive without plants, but we CANNOT survive without meat, or at least not in good health)).

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