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IT is EXACTLY like this.

Hi, Richard [Chirgwin],

With particular and peculiar regard to the contention and proposition that, as in the answer and case of Dread Pirate Roberts, what is needed is to go back to first principles and build a platform which, from the ground up, made introducing contract killers to their victims a cloud-based, API-enabled hyper-connected IPv6-compliant, encrypted and anonymised experience, is such not as how it always turns out, for it is quite remarkably different and only quite recently made simply possible with intelligence sharing and technology leaps.

That be both incredibly novel and enigmatically disruptive and creatively constructive all at the same time in communicating spaces and virtualised places. And whenever a current phenomenon, quite a national security nightmare from which there be no early and easy awakening for forces intellectually challenged to provide security and freedom from oppression with what is needed rather than with what is being seeded.

In certain present expanding circles is such the currency for progress and prosperity, revolution and changed reality with virtual realities ….. AI and Virtual Machines in Creative Command and CyberSpace Control of Communications and Computers. And a little something extra special in HyperRadioProActive AIDevelopment for the next millennium, El Reg.

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