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> the law says they have a RIGHT to a full lane of road, and thy won't have it any other way.

To be fair, in some circumstances taking the whole lane is the best course of action. Notably:

a) During winter and other times when road conditions are slippery.

b) In the presence of aggressive / inconsiderate drivers who do not leave a sensible safety distance (this is a bit of a catch 22, since then those same people get all worked up about the cyclist taken *his* lane, etc., etc.)

c) When cycling in a group. It is often safer for the cyclists and more convenient for the drivers if they are all bunched up in the middle of the road, as that makes the overtaking distance shorter.

One thing I really don't have a problem with is cyclists using the road. It's theirs as much as mine after all, and they're the ones sweating and/or freezing their bollocks off. Thankfully in my area everyone seem to understand the importance of being polite and considerate, regardless of their means of locomotion, and by and large behave accordingly.

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