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Some points

For many people, it is more cost effective to get the bus.

The bus only needs to have ~5 people on it for it to be space effective (vs 5 cars)

point to point bus service is called ring and ride.

Some sums:

Price of bus pass for my area: £51 /cal month (£612/yr)


£1000 car spread over 3 years: ~£333.34 (rounded up)

Insurance: min £1000 for 1st year insurance: £1000+

(as e reference my 72 yr old Dad pays £553.90/yr fully comp for his 4yr old fabia)

Tax: ~£140


= over £1500 not including petrol/service/repairs

(less for no claims, more for more expensive car)

Sooo... I can spend £800 on taxis/delivery fees and still be ahead

even something as simple as:

Parking in city centre = £4.80 for 4 hours

Daysaver = £4

I'm a single guy living on the outskirts of a major city, so YMMV.

There are logical reasons for having/using a car, but its suprising how many people think of a car as something your *supposed* to have without really thinking it through. They think anyone who doesn't have one is a weirdo.

Fuck those people.

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