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Same AC as above - by having an outgoing personality and the general skillz I mentioned above, I'm now a Linux Sysadmin for a largish (just breaching SMB levels and moving to enterprise as a company, I believe) hosting outfit specialising in hardcore linux hosting.

The learning curve has been fucking vertical, but I'm working with likeminded people (ie freaks like us) who love telling me how I'm doing it wrong, and love it equaly in return when they ask me about Windows stuff and I stomp all over them with my Windows experience (as most of this lot are lifelong *nix advocates) - it's all learning, after all. I learn tail -f n 50 /path/to/file, they learn how to slap the registry to that Visual Basic doesn't break it's UI by forcing hardware acceleration, etc.....

Pay is a bit better and completely soaked up by travel expenses, but I am perfectly happy to be out of the house 12 hours a day to work with them.

And I'm learning lots of hilariously cool new things about datacentres, mass hosting, the FLOSS community, and other such stuff.

Could be richer (And I'm planning on moving closer to work soon to aid that, rather than throwing £300+ a month on petrol) but couldn't be happier - and trust me, I talk from painful experience when I say that means a lot.

I miss the guys I worked with above a lot, but they're happy to have me turn up every few weeks when I take a day off and turn up at their office to make a round of tea and chat broken biscuits, so it's all good really.

Take a deep breath and jump into something weird or different in a more specific direction (databases, ISP level networking, etc) if you have the chops to 'blag it' - it's probably not really blagging, but it'll give you something to think about, which is half the fun in this game, eh?

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