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I have one - don't agree the screen is great quality

Though I do like the Sony for what I use it for, the screen is not great. I bought this due to the PS4 remote play, when my partner is watching the TV, I can play on the Sony. It is good, but the screen is quite contrasty so you lose a lot of detail in the shadows. That is not the main problem though. Hard to explain, but the colours do not look solid, when you see a block of a single colour for example, you see the pixels and the gaps between the pixels. I don't understand how the screen is liked so much by El Reg, given that in fact the quality is really not great. Even viewing photos gives the impression of, I can only explain it as noise (I assume people here know what noise is in regards to photos). Not a bad tablet, only use it for the PS4, oh, plus I use it to stream spotify to my speakers as it sits nicely on the magnetic charging stand for a music control system.

I have to say that I have an iPad mini 2, by far a much better screen in my opinion - the plan was to sell it once I had bought the Sony. I decided to keep it as I did not like to use the sony for reading for example, as the quality when using kindle is not as good as the iPad mini retina. I will also say I don't like android. My comments are just about the screen, but clearly I may be biased as just not a fan of android (though much improved since I first used it on the galaxy s2). I did try to play with the screen settings, to try and solidify the screen, but nothing I do seems to fix this.

Personally, this is a great tablet to play PS4 games (though Sony clearly has made this available just on their products to promote sales) - just wish the screen was a better quality.

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