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No Santa, no Irish boozers and no regrets: life in Qatar

Monty Burns

A mate of mine arrived in Doha and thought he would treat himself to a car with leather seats..... whoops!

Btw, Crime is NOT low, you just don't hear about it as the news is suppressed. It's the same in all middle east countries.

We've created a big group of bikers (basically everything except Harleys) and we are constantly hearing about people attempting to steal bikes. Lucky for us, the only second hand parts market is for Harley parts so these are the primary targets. That said, a lot of bikes are stolen and then sold in Yemen where there is very little restriction on VIN and License plates. You also only have to go to your local Al-Fare (Spinneys/Waitrose) notice board to see adverts for people asking for information on stolen motocross bikes, boats, quad bikes and jet-ski's.

Oh... and that doesn't include friends who have been burgled, had phones stolen out of there hands etc. Or the fact that women are advised NOT to get taxi's alone, especially at night.

The middle east is not as safe as "they" would like you to believe, most expats live in ignorant bliss....

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