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Hurricane Canless Air System? Pfft. Avoid.

While I have personally never owned one I was in dire need of a reliable replacement to compressed air cans a couple of months ago. I soon found out about the Hurricane but was immediately sceptical. I mean; how much oomph can you possibly jam into such a small package on batteries?

Sure enough, reviews online were extremely mixed. If you go to Amazon and search for the Hurricane Canless Air System you will notice that despite the slightly-above-average 3.3/5.0 stars most users were not pleased with their purchase.

My recommendation then? Get the Metro DataVac 500W Electric Duster. Sure, it needs to run off the mains and as such isn't quite as mobile. But holy cow you had better be wearing a respirator and some goggles if you're intending on using it to de-dust an old PC.

And while the cheap-looking plastic Hurricane goes for 80-100USD on Amazon the DataVac goes for under 60USD and is built like a tank. Solid metal chassis. Extremely robust handle. I cannot even begin to describe how well built the DataVac is. Made in the USA too.

Also here's the differences in Amazon review scores for the two (5/4/3/2/1-Star):

Hurricane: 25 / 14 / 22 / 10 / 12

DataVac: 1355 / 239 / 51 / 21 / 28

And no, I am not related to Metro. Their products are just that good.

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