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I don't understand all the downvotes.

The Lenovo Yoga was the device that convinced me that Windows 8 could actually be good. Fast, portable, small, good touch-sensitive screen and it has been amazingly popular for my retired customers who still need a keyboard.

But since the start menu was reintroduced you don't have that tile screen immediately to hand and it's a bit of a shame. I prefer having a start menu on my desktop but the Win8 tiles worked brilliantly for the Yoga and, I imagine, any 11"-or-thereabouts-touchscreen device.

One of Microsoft's biggest errors was not making sure all of Win8 was touch-compatible. How are you supposed to use the control panel, for example, on an 11" touchscreen? It's too fiddly. A huge oversight on their part not to make sure their whole system was able to work with their new interface, and no doubt contributed to the justifiable crossness that killed Win8.

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