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As for the world cup, a bit too much talk and not enough building stuff is rapidly eating contingency so I think it will be touch and go.

Our office is involved in national planning and coordination, and what was initially planned simply cannot be achieved. The port isn't big enough, the world doesn't have enough spare cement, and Doha doesn't have the buses or road capacity to move 500,000 workers to and from site each day, so there has been a strong push to prioritise and spread stuff out. Projects have been shelved or reduced, such as the number of stadiums, which has been politically difficult since everything is political fiefdoms here.

On the flip side, it means the whole of Doha isn't going to be dug up all at once for a year.

If you have a stockpile of rebar or cement, hang on a few years and you will be able to name your price.

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