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nice for a few years

I lived in Dubai for about 8 years. It was great for the first two, then got progressively worse as time went on. Cost of living got ridiculous, so no tax but 20 grand a year for a one bed apartment by the peak. And as a business owner, fed up of the unelected fool at the top just passing stupid laws with the wave of a hand and zero warning.

The locals like to drive big cars like complete arseholes, and not bother to buckle up their kids in the back. If one rear ends you, it's your fault as he's local and guilt is strictly based on who is more well connected. If one of his kids dies, you'll go down for a long time. Had a friend who was highest ranking foreigner at factory where there was an industrial accident, he ended up doing 3 months in jail even though it wasn't his fault. Luckily for him, it was an indian labourer who died and not a local (or a camel), or he might have been in for years.

I made some money, got married, had kids and just had to get out. I work for myself largely online, so I can be anywhere. Now in Portugal, bought a big house for the price of a crummy apartment in Dubai, beautiful countryside, 25 mins from Lisbon, nice neighbours (you actually see parents with kids at the park, not just filipina nannies) and more than anything I have rights and my kids get to grow up in a free country. Bit cold in winter, but summer is lovely and no 50 degree sun for 5 or 6 months of the year.

Don't regret the gig in the middle east, but save your money and get out while the going is good.

Oh, and I can get decent wine for less than 2 Euros here, and have a quiet drink down virtually any street in a nice cafe or bar and don't have to check the map each day to see how close Isis are.

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