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Not on the list of places I'd consider for a gig

I could probably do Dubai, but Qatar is perhaps a little too conservative for me. Having spent a little time in Oman, and dealt with expats there, I reckon Muscat would also be a good gig. You will need to adapt though. If you're used to having a glass of wine, or stronger nightcap to wind down, at the end of the day, getting something to enjoy at home is pretty much impossible (though Oman and Dubai allow you to bring in duty free).

Oh, and be paranoid about Customs when entering these places. If you get stopped, and tested, you only need to have recently trod on someone's spent spliff, back home, to find yourself in a shed load of trouble you could do without (and if you occasionally partake of the whakey baccy, it's probably best not to go).

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