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"What does that actually equate to in terms of the economic savings to passengers? How does that compare to say, the difference between the 1950s and the 1970s when in the 1950s, passengers were having to stop off in Newfoundland and Ireland for fuel and it took around 20 hours?"

Well, for starters it equates to massive cost-savings for today's passengers. Airline tickets are massively cheaper in real terms now than they were in the seventies.

And as for range, the 737-200 had range of 1900 nautical miles. Modern 737-NGs have a max range of 6340 nautical miles. Obviously that gives vastly increased route-options for narrowbodies. (All figures at MTOW.)

Then there's the 747. In the early seventies you could get the 747-100, which had a max range of 5300nmi. Modern 747s have a range of 8000nmi.

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