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TorrentLocker ransomware pestilence plagues Europe, bags $500k


I posted this in a post on routers, but maybe it should of been here ....

Last Night, my home network was attacked, one machine, which is always online ( Transfer Time: 175 Days 22:44 Hours (99.8%)), running Clamwin or win ver of Linux ClamTK, was knocked offline, but not compromised, However the HP DV6 I7, went nuts all of a sudden, fans kicked up, the trackpad started to glow red ... I thought "what u doin", and managed to catch Cryptolocker @ Work, Process explorer killed its processes & desendants, msconfig removed startups, stopped machine, pulled HDD, replace it with fresh one & rebuilt HP, but with Clamwin, So I have a 320gb HDD here with cryptolocker half way thru its nasty, all files on drive are accessible under Xubuntu as ext USB, Windows security is a laugh !

So if I can disassemble this thing & work out how it talks backs to them, & send it back to them dressed the way they expect, How many zero's should I add to his ransom ?

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