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Interweb Licence for The Flox

Should the heardables, sheeple, collectively known as "The Flox" be required to obtain a licence before being allowed to go near the interwebs ?

In all honestly, many people were given the key to a technology/toolkit for which they have had no prior training, are completely unaware of the abuse that can and is done, and are simply lost in the miriad of abreviations and keywords. ( Those in a business environment have less excuses, there should be an IT bod in the vicinity to help explain things).

A static textfile or an executable have no difference for the Flox, they just click on the damned thing and a program magically opens up displaying the content/performing the task. Why should they be expected, "inherently", to know the difference ?

By default, Windows turns of File Extensions which makes things even more vague. I can understand the anguish of those that receive a file named "Electricity Bill.pdf.docx.exe"

I understand that the OS has a lot to answer for but the user has his role to play as well.

The user interface of a vehicule, road signs, basic laws are relatively simple but we are obliged to take lessons and pass a licence. Why is it different for computer use, which for the user, is far more complex ?

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