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The key element of EasyPricing is dynamic demand driven pricing. That works well with airlines, hotels, car hire and long range bus services because they have a natural availability constraint.

It does not work with trains period. Short range/commuter trains are packed until they bulge to the sides so no way to operate skin yer hide pricing as there is no way to price gouge more than is already being price gouged (unless you put into the network at least 4 times the current capacity). There is just no point (and no way) to try to charge 32£ for a weekly season ticket bought half a year in advance vs 400£ for one bought on the day. You can (and rail companies do) charge 400£ throughout. You decant a pint of blood and a first born and pay it.

Long range trains nearly everywhere in the world run under capacity. The very few exemptions which are long range _AND_ have a capacity constraint (hello Eurostar, Elipsos, etc) operate "skin yer hide" pricing already and there is no way they will allow anyone else to operate the same route.

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