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Don't you forget about VCE... Cisco gets cosy with Pure Storage

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Anonymous Coward

> I completely agree with all the sentiment that in all of these programs the storage vendor is the one that benefits most.

Dmitriy, respect your honesty.

> While SmartStack is a Nimble originated program, the point of differentiation is that it a JOINT agreement with Cisco.

But it's not a joint program or agreement. My Cisco channel team has clarified this multiple times. For me to take your word, I want Cisco to come out and formally endorse Smart stack. Not once have I seen this happen. Matter of fact Cisco didn't even provide you a quote when you were promoting their own UCS Mini.


It's Nimble's Smart stack as you mention in your own press release.


Both you guys and Pure (no they are not off the hook either) need to avoid using Cisco as marketing rocket boosters. As a VAR sales engineer calling on customers, this does nothing but confused them

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