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There is zero chance of humans or any other Terran life ever getting out of this planetary system. There is about the same odds of any human ever walking on any planetary or sub-planetary body inside this system other than Earth and the Moon and about the same probability of a thirteenth human ever walking on the lunar surface.

The age of manned spaceflight is over and once humans have used the easily reached oil and coal there can never be a successor species with a high enough technology to do it in our place.

Terrestrial life may thinly contaminate the Voyagers, Deep Horizon and the Pioneers but those are the only samples that will ever escape Sol's influence and those are not going anywhere specific, going anywhere useful or going anywhere fast.

Life on Earth is doomed to stay there. And to be pasteurised when Sol goes all red and bloated. The idea of people from Earth, human or successor species, walking worlds under the light of another star is just never going to happen.


So the daughters of HD107146 are safe.

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